Who’s Going to Actually Fight Floyd Mayweather?

Who’s Going to Actually Fight Floyd Mayweather?

A loss would not only soil Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s untainted career but launch his opponent into fame as “the one who took Money to the bank”

The search for a Floyd “Money” Mayweather UFC suitor is on, thanks to either Conor McGregor’s insults or Dana White’s willingness to pay huge sums of money to Money. It’s not exactly surprising Mayweather wants to step into the octagon to prove his skills, but it raises two questions:

How much money is worth risking Money’s reputation, and who would fight him?

The stakes are much higher for Mayweather regardless of his opponent thanks to an undefeated boxing record. A loss would not only soil his untainted career but launch his opponent into fame as “the one who took Money to the bank”. A win would encourage boxing pundits to further his untarnished fighting reputation, and with a huge sum of money rumored in talks it’s clear that Money talks. Mayweather knows how to negotiate a show.

It’s no doubt the most appealing option for McGregor fans, because a Mayweather vs. McGregor rematch in the octagon is a clear win for Conor. Plus, it would bring in the most money because of the ongoing history between the two. Vegas showed us MMA skills in a boxing ring don’t always translate, and it’s why many prefer a different first match for Mayweather.

So what about CM Punk? It’s a fight that has fans intrigued and bookies divided on the odds. UFC President Dana White is willing to give him another shot, and Punk’s opponent for UFC 225 is still unconfirmed. Odds might favor him, but he’s no undefeated fighter like the seasoned Mayweather.

More recently, talk of Nick Newell squaring off with Mayweather surfaced on twitter. A debut fight between the two is less clear of an outcome, which makes it interesting enough to draw viewers. Call it only a possibility for now, but there’s more than one argument for why it makes a good match.

With so much potential developing, don’t overlook Mayweather’s ability to adopt new skills and techniques. There’s a lot of evidence Mayweather is training, and his reputation as a lightning fast boxer could make him a quick study. Whenever he steps into the cage, and whoever he steps in with is bound to draw attention. The right opponent will make it worthwhile (and memorable) for everyone.

We were interested in seeing how McGregor would fare in the boxing ring, now we’re interested in one of the best boxers of all time as he steps into the octagon. Mayweather is hands down the best ambassador and athlete for the task, so now it’s time to wait and see how talks go without turning the UFC into a circus or episode of Celebrity Deathmatch.